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    Your child’s body is talking.

    We’re here to listen.

Your child's body is talking.

We're here to listen.


Osteopathy honors the body’s own innate wisdom to heal itself.  With our hands, we seek to understand the relationship between the body’s structure (bones, muscles, connective tissues, fluids) and its function.  Whereas conventional medicine focuses on finding disease, osteopathy looks for opportunities for health.  We take into account lifestyle, emotional well-being, and environment to both treat and prevent disease.

Osteopaths are trained in allopathic medicine, just like conventional physicians.  Additionally, we receive hundreds of hours of training in the gentle, hands-on technique of palpating the body to both diagnose and treat in a way that traditional medicine can’t.  Thus, osteopathy brings together the wisdom of two well-proven modalities to treat the whole person.

Cranial osteopathic treatment aims to engage the body’s natural ability to heal itself through gentle palpitation of the cranial–sacral mechanism.  This treatment can help relieve any strain within the body and allow the tissues, muscles and cells to move in the direction of optimal wellness through unimpeded lymphatic, blood and nerve flow.

In her own words

Someone recently asked me when I really became a believer in osteopathy.  Of course, I’d already been through schooling and years of practice and saw the benefits it had on others, but only a few years ago, I got to experience it myself, and that was more powerful than I could have ever imagined.

While working in a difficult environment for under-served children, I developed a severe tendon injury. My injury did not improve with standard orthopedic care—physical therapy and cortisone shots—so surgery was recommended.  Hoping to avoid it, I saw an osteopathic colleague of mine.  I believe this is what prevented me from developing  a frozen shoulder or loss of motion to my dominant writing arm.  With her care and a change in my diet, I avoided surgery and have been walking the talk of healing myself ever since.  Injuries can be life altering.  This one helped me realize that it was time to leave my conventional pediatric  job and begin my dream—opening a pediatric osteopathy clinic.