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    Your child’s body is talking.

    We’re here to listen.

“She has a wonderful bedside manner with children and their parents!”  Michelle M.

“I felt like I witnessed something exceptional and it was truly eye-opening.  Beyond that, my little baby was back to her happy self and full of spunk about 45 minutes after our visit!! Thank you for making the world a little bit of a better place!”

~ Mary Ann N. , mother of 5 year old with injured arm

“I really can't speak highly enough of Dr. Boudakian. She worked wonders on my 6 week old colicky baby. He would take forever to burp, was always uncomfortable after feeding and had difficulty settling to sleep. After only one session his symptoms cleared dramatically. He now is at ease with feeding and has been sleeping very well.

Not only is Dr. Boudakian extremely knowledgeable and professional she also has a beautiful calming energy and clearly adores children.”

~ Caroline P.