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    Your child’s body is talking. We’re here to listen.
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    Your child’s body is talking. We’re here to listen.
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Your child's body is talking.

We're here to listen.

babyOur bodies talk to us.  Their health is a reflection of our physiology, personality, emotion and spirit.  Pediatric Osteopathy of Marin is here to listen, learn, feel, and treat.  We use natural methods to stimulate healing and recover balance without burdening your child’s body with pharmaceuticals. 

Our compassionate “whole person” approach seeks to prevent the progression of an ailment.  The body always compensates for an area of weakness or injury often leading to problems in adulthood.  Diagnosing and treating a dysfunction in childhood, when it starts, can create a whole new path towards a healthier tomorrow.  

Cranial Osteopathy is perfectly aligned with pediatrics since it is based on the inherent motion in the human body, doesn’t use drugs, and has the aim of relieving any restrictions in the body allowing the optimal growth and development of a child’s ever-changing body.